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New Site for New Students

As members of Washington and Lee’s Class of 2014 begin to prepare to enter the University in the fall, there is a great new website resource available to make that transition as smooth as possible.

The New Student Dashboard, created by W&L’s Web team and maintained by Kati Grow in the Division of Student Affairs, maps out an almost day-by-day plan for the transition. Anyone who has been involved with getting ready to take that step (or helping a student get ready for that step) recognizes that the questions can be endless — from to how long the room curtains should be to what restaurants are available near the campus. The dashboard not only provides the questions and answers in a blog form, but there is a live chat option, too.

A checklist lets students know what they need to be thinking about from the time they send in their deposit until they arrive in Lexington.

Be sure to have a look at the new page even if you or your son or daughter aren’t in the new class.

Here’s the link: For New Students.