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On the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, members of the Washington and Lee community will once again gather in front of Lee Chapel on Sunday morning for a prayer vigil. On this coming Tuesday, Sept. 13, a panel of faculty will examine the attacks 10 years later.

Members of this year’s entering class were about eight years old on Sept. 11, 2001. They, like all their fellow students, will have their

own memories and, perhaps, personal connections.

At Washington and Lee, we remember two alumni who were killed — Cmdr. Robert Allen Schlegel, of the Class of 1985, died at the Pentagon, and James A. Gadiel, of the Class of 2000, died at the World Trade Center. Profiles of both men can be found on the Remember: September 11, 2011 website. Robert’s profile is here; Jamie’s is here. Both profiles include guest books.

Additionally, we know of these other losses that were reported in the W&L Alumni Magazine — Chris Edwards, of the Class of 1999, lost an aunt, and Jonah Glick, of the Class of 1990, lost a brother. We are now aware that there were others, too. As this blog reported yesterday, Paul Arpaia, of the Class of 1985, lost a cousin. The magazine reported that a current student lost a parent, but the family requested anonymity.

On the day of the attacks, Acting President Larry Boetsch, of the Class of 1969, sent a message to the campus that concluded: “The world in which we live now is different from the one to which we awoke this morning.”

And we continue to remember.