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Scenes from the Eclipse Members of the W&L community gathered on the Front Lawn on Monday to watch the solar eclipse.

Faculty and staff, along with a number of students who had already returned to campus, gathered on the Front Lawn to watch the spectacular solar eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21, 2017. Many thanks to the Physics and Engineering Department for sharing their solar telescopes, solar binoculars and eclipse-viewing glasses with the crowd. In particular, a big shout-out goes to laboratory technician Chris Compton for organizing the event.

This party had everything: a dog in solar glasses, homemade eclipse-viewing contraptions, crescent-shaped shadows projected through trees and old-school metal colanders, and lots of friends and colleagues greeting each other at the end of summer.

To recap the fun, check out this video, complete with time-lapse and drone footage, by Jim Goodwin, Shelby Mack and Steve Mammarella of the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.