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Seventy-seven Members of W&L Class of 2020 Inducted into Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society

Seventy-seven Washington and Lee University Class of 2020 students were inducted into Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society at a ceremony held March 31 in Lee Chapel.

To be eligible for Phi Eta Sigma, a student must be in the top 20 percent of the class at the end of his or her first term. Founded in 1923 at the University of Illinois, Phi Eta Sigma is the nation’s oldest and largest honor society for first-year students in all disciplines.

The society’s mission is to encourage and reward academic excellence among freshmen in institutions of higher learning.

“Given our depth of student talent and academic rigor, these students have demonstrated exceptional achievement,” said Jason Rodocker, associate dean of students and dean for first-year experience and adviser to the W&L chapter of Phi Eta Sigma. “Many Phi Eta Sigma inductees will obtain further academic accolades, including graduate fellowships.”

The W&L Class of 2020 Phi Eta Sigma initiates are:

Everette G. Allen IV

William T. Barham

George B. Barker

Brie R. Belz

Hudson C. Bennett

Lee F. Bernstein

Harris M. Billings

Steven A. Black

Laura E. Bruce

Rosalie C. Bull

Parker B. Catlett

Daniel S. Clark

Sean T. Clark

Will H. Clark

Robert C. Cooley

Charlie M. Cope

Emma M. Derr

Nolan L. Durfee

Emma Ernst

Elyse N. Ferris

Ethan H. Fischer

Lauren D. Fredericks

Kathryn J. Gerbo

Colby C. Gilley

Collin R. Glatz

Sofia Gutierrez Cuadra

Kassondra N. Hall

Sarah N. Hall

Kiely U. Hartigan

Emily D. Hershgordon

Tori E. Hester

Katherine R. Ingram

Chantal Iosso

Jack S. Johnson

Allison J. Jue

Brianna A. Karpowich

Abigail E. Keller

Nguyen K. Kieu

Jiwon Kim

Tiffany Ko

Stevan A. Kriss

Eliot L. Layson

Maxwell A. Lehman

Allie R. Lefkowitz

Sarah E. Leonard

Hanxiao Li

Griffin Link

Ruinan Liu

Kara G. Lough

Chase W. Major

Nicholas B. Mauer

Rose M. Maxwell

Gillian M. McConnell

Margot C. McConnell

Ryan S. Monson

Abigail K. Nason

Jared M. Nickodem

Prakriti Panthi

Brian C. Peccie

Timothy S. Pierce

Samuel H. Pumphrey

Bethany R. Reitsma

Tyler S. Royston

Katherine P. Rurka

Eva A. Sarkes

William R. Schirmer

Anne L. Shannon

Lawson D. Smith

Layne K. Smith

Peyton J. Smith

Tanner J. Smith

Christopher B. Surran

Mitchell C. Thomas

John S. Warner III

Andrew D. Whicker

Hannah M. Witherell

Matthew O. Withers

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