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Shenandoah Editor Talks Writing and the South

R.T. Smith

When the online journal Portal del Sol asked what advice he would give young writers about crafting a career that includes writing his own work plus editing a literary journal, R.T. Smith, editor of Shenandoah: The Washington and Lee Review, offered this analogy: “It’s like dog-sledding uphill; it can be done, but you have to keep cracking the whip and yelling.”

Heather Frese conducted the lengthy, wide-ranging interview,  “Away You Rolling River,” which is the front-page feature on the website.

The conversation ranges from Rod’s own reading preferences to the process of putting a literary magazine together to the nature of Southern literature. On that last topic, Rod provided the following perspective: “Collectively we still have our two old shames – we held people in bondage and we got whipped – and our continuing ones – we love NASCAR and the literal Bible too much and education and art too little.  And we still love to walk forward into was, but I think Southern writers today are all products of more complex identities, and the recognition of that.”

Read the entire interview here.

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