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Spring is for Blogging

Welcome yet another blog from W&L’s Spring Term: this one is courtsy of the New York Internship program. When they’re not out making it in the Big Apple, students in the annual internship program are sharing their experiences and thoughts. In only their first few days we’ve learned that Erin Galliher (who’s at Forbes) enjoyed a falafel pita, that Catherine Carlock got to watch a pre-recording of CNBC’s “Mad Money,” and that Michael Morella spent his first day at Ark Media concentrating on Eva Longoria’s life history. We also got a picture of the Wall Street bull courtesy of Cale Grove (see above). So stay tuned and see how the term goes for the New York interns (sounds like a reality show) while you also spend some time with the biology class in Yellowstone Park and the archaeology class digging over the mountain at Monticello.