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The Book

When Laura Turner, the technical services librarian at Leyburn Library, came to work this past Wednesday, she had no idea what awaited her. Early that morning the Associated Press had moved a story about the book that came back and, gefore the day was over, Laura had been interviewed by news outlets from Roanoke to London. The book in question was the one stolen from Washington College by a Union soldier during Hunter’s Raid in 1864 and returned in February by Mike Dau, former head football coach and now varsity handball coach at Lake Forest College in Illinois, who had inherited it. Out in the Chicago suburbs, Mike was probably wondering, like Laura, when the media flurry would end since he was doing his share of interviews, too. Being caught in a media maelstrom is a fascintating experience since , as both Laura and Mike would admit, every interview takes on a life all its own In Laura’s case, she talked live with the BBC via Skype and by phone to the CBC before doing a couple of television interviews.Here is a link that will bring back the Google News Search for the story. And here are a couple of specific links that provide different takes on the story:

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