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Traveling Through Time

During the recently completed spring term at Washington and Lee, Nathaniel Goldberg’s students in Philosophy 375 explored the philosophy of time travel: the philosophical possibility and implications.

Through the miracle of film, you can join their time-travel explorations. For their final project, the students created their own time-travel movies, and all four are available on Washington and Lee’s YouTube channel.

  • Fairchilds’ Worst Day
    Elizabeth Brassfield, Greg Bekiaris, Mike Drago, Max Hagler, and Joe Stockmeyer produced this movie about Fairchild van Waldenburg, a time-traveling student who has strong opinions about Mariah Carey movies.
  • Sherbe(r)t
    Danielle Maurer, Dewey Mixter, Jeni Pritchett, Alex Rosenfeld, and Ian Sturdy produced this movie about a Jeopardy! contestant, the name of a dessert and time travel.
  • The Power of Love
    Eric Gehman, Jamie Goodin, K. C. Jones,  Richard Knack, Paul Matteo, and Joe Stusek produced this still-action movie about W&L students traveling back in time to the Civil War to meet Robert E. Lee.
  • There’s Somethin’ Happenin’ Here
    Blake Grady, Kenton Jones, Taylor Magrath, Taylor Melanson, and Meg Weigel produced this movie about James McFly Traveler, a student whose life changes dramatically when he meets a mysterious bartender.