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Turkey's Lawyers in the U.S.

A recent article in “Modern DC Business” highlights the work of two members of Washington and Lee’s Law School Class of 1991 and their Washington-based firm, which represents the interests of the Republic of Turkey in the United States.

David Saltzman and Gunay Evinch are co-principals in Saltzman and Evinch P.C., which they founded in 1993 after David had spent two years in a large New York firm, and Gunay had been a Fulbright Scholar in Turkey.

The Modern DC Business piece is an interview with David, whom the the magazine identifies as one of DC’s “Power Players” — “deal makers and master negotiators can offer more than a few pieces of advice for our gridlocked leaders on the Hill.”

On the Saltzman and Evinch website, the firm describes its practice as concentrating on “matters relating to Turkey and the surrounding region, providing an in-depth understanding of the area, its people and cultures; talent and experience in domestic and foreign legal system; and, an extensive network of professionals and support staff.” David told “Modern DC Business” that he and Gunay based the idea for their practice on their belief that “relations between the U.S., Turkey and the surrounding region were set to expand in the wake of the Cold War’s end. We felt there would be a need for experts who understood the legal structures of both Turkey and the United States to help grow both public sector and private sector relations. We were right.”

Asked to explain in what ways a country needs legal representation abroad, David said that having experts who can help interpret U.S. law and practice, “and, if necessary, vindicate a nation’s rights in court,” is indispensable for a foreign nation like Turkey.

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