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Twenty Members of the Faculty and Staff Retire from W&L

WLU3420-600x400 Twenty Members of the Faculty and Staff Retire from W&L(Not pictured are Katie Claytor, Agnes Gilmore, Peggy Pugh and Stanley Reid)

Washington and Lee University recognized six retiring members of the University’s faculty during commencement exercises. Fourteen retiring members of W&L’s staff were recognized during the Employee Recognition Banquet in April.

The 20 faculty and staff retirees are Mae Chandler, merchandise movement clerk, University Store, 2006-2016; Katie Claytor, custodial supervisor, University Facilities, 1993-2016; Julie Cline, office manager, Communications and Public Affairs, 1979-2017; Janice Downey, administrative assistant, Counseling Services, 1987-2017.

Agnes Gilmore, receptionist/office assistant, Student Affairs, 1963-2016; Bill Hartog, special assistant to the president, President’s Office; Margaret Howard, professor of law, 2001-2016; Carol Karsch, library data and statistics support specialist, University Library, 2002-2017.

Mike Miller (deceased), locksmith, University Facilities, 1974-2016; David Millon, professor of law, 1986-2017; Lena Ojure, associate professor of teacher education, 2006-2017; Loretta Persinger, library assistant, Law Library, 1983-2016; Peggy Pugh, custodian, University Facilities, 1985-2016; Stanley Reid, custodian, University Facilities, 1994-2017.

Amy Richwine, associate director for International Education, International Education, 1999-2017; Gabriella Somerville Brown, technology integration specialist, Information Technology Services, 2001-2017; Larry Stene, professor of art, art and art history department, 1982-2017.

Tom Tinsley, director of network and telecommunications, Information Technology Services, 1975-2016; John Tucker, associate professor of physical education and men’s cross country coach, 1989-2017; Sally Wiant, professor of law, 1972-2017.