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Update: Meredith Attwell Baker Gets the Nod

As expected, President Obama said Thursday that he was going to forward Meredith Attwell Baker’s name as his nominee to a Republican seat on the Federal Communications Commission. The probability of that nomination had been widely reported, including on our page earlier this week. In the Reuters story announcing the president’s decision, Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, the top Republican on the Senate Commerce Committee, said that “Meredith Baker will be a strong, independent voice.” And, at the same time, Verizon issued a statement in support of the nominee.  Susanne Guyer, Verizon senior vice president of federal regulatory affairs, said: “This is yet another smart nomination. Meredith Attwell Baker has the experience and qualifications to be a very effective commissioner.”  She also received strong support from the Consumer Electronics Association which issued a statement applauding the nomination and adding “In her earlier role at NTIA, Baker handled implementation of the vital coupon program for digital television converter boxes, and she deserves credit for helping to ensure the success of the DTV transition. Baker has spent her career as an advocate for new technologies and her policy decisions have been in favor of innovation and economic growth. She is a strong proponent of broadband technology and has worked to build a national broadband strategy.” The full slate of nominees for the FCC is Chairman Julius Genachowski (D) and Commissioners Michael Copps (D), Robert McDowell (R), Mignon Clyburn (D), and Meredith Attwell Baker (R).

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