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Washington and Lee Launches New Student Dashboard Website The redesigned site is intended to provide students one primary online location to access helpful resources and campus community news.

Screen-Shot-2023-02-16-at-9.15.35-AM-600x400 Washington and Lee Launches New Student Dashboard WebsiteWashington and Lee University has debuted a redesigned student dashboard website that is intended to serve as a helpful internal resource for all undergraduate students.

The dashboard, which can be accessed from the Current Students link on the university website, provides many helpful resources and a wealth of information relevant to all students. The site’s features include important notifications; helpful links to campus services; resources and departments; campus news and event stories; university calendar content and recent student accomplishments. There’s also exclusive photo content from the campus community.

Screen-Shot-2023-02-16-at-9.16.48-AM-600x400 Washington and Lee Launches New Student Dashboard WebsiteThis new dashboard is a one-stop shop for student-related content, and students are encouraged to bookmark the page or set it as their browser homepage for easy access.

“We are ecstatic to launch this refreshed platform as a primary online site for students to access timely and relevant information,” said Brian Laubscher, director of internal communications.  “We hope having a consolidated web presence where students can access useful links, program calendars, campus news and other student-specific resources will prove convenient and helpful for our students on a daily basis.”

W&L launched a similar faculty and staff dashboard in October 2022 as a primary platform to keep employees informed about campus community news and provide convenient access to key resources.

Screen-Shot-2023-02-16-at-9.18.02-AM-600x400 Washington and Lee Launches New Student Dashboard Website