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Welcome FLTA Lucía Cespedes

How to say “Welcome” in Spanish: Bienvenido

Lucía Cespedes
2016 Foreign Language Teaching Assistant

CespedesLucia_0008_091416__-400x600 Welcome FLTA Lucía CespedesLucia Cespedes

Tell us about yourself. 

Hi! My name is Lucía, and I come from Córdoba, Argentina. It’s the country’s second largest city, big and busy, with vibrant cultural and nightlife. It is also home to the National University of Córdoba, the oldest in Argentina. So I was fortunate enough to study in the same city where I grew up. This year I finished my studies in social communication, and I have two more years to go in my English language and literature major.

 What made you come to Washington and Lee as an FLTA? 

Ever since I started university I’ve been looking for opportunities to study abroad. The faculty of languages at my university regularly sends out emails with information on exchange programs, scholarships, and so on. I read about the FLTA position at W&L and it seemed like an excellent option to have the experience of studying in an American university while acting as ambassador of my own language and culture. I applied and here I am!

 What is your favorite part about the area so far?

The university facilities are truly impressive, and I love the green and open spaces on campus, but what I like best so far is being able to leave my door unlocked and feeling safe anyway. This is a welcome change!

 Is there anything in particular that you are looking forward to doing while you are in the USA?

My timing is perfect as regards celebrations – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year … I’m really looking forward to those! Of course, I also want to travel around and visit as much as I can.

 What are your plans for when you return home? 

I will probably apply for a Ph.D scholarship in some area of the humanities or social sciences, most likely sociology. I would like to be a scientist and researcher.

 What do you like to do for enjoyment?

I love reading and getting lost in whatever universe the writer is opening to the reader. This applies to TV series, too — I watch a lot of them! Cities and towns are also universes by themselves, so when I have the time, I like just walking around and trying to notice the little details. Oh, and I also love cooking!

Reach out to Lucía at cespedesl17@wlu.edu.

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