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What Big Teeth It Had!

As a dentist, Bob Gatling  of the Class of 1972 has seen his share of teeth close up. But one day last month he was shocked at the sight of the teeth of the 13-foot, 800-pound alligator that he and his buddies had just pulled into their boat on the St. Johns River near Palatka, Fla. Bob thought the gator was already a goner when they got it in the boat.  As he explained in an interview with the Jacksonville CBS affiliate, the gators’ eye opened and the duct tape that had been used to secure its jaws went flying “like confetti.” According to a story in Outdoor Life, Bob has been hunting alligators, which is legal during a two-and-a-half month season in Florida, for the past seven years. This was not the first one he’s landed, but it’s clearly the largest. The gator was big enough and Bob’s story scary enough that it made its way to national news on Fox. The clip is below: