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Why W&L Law: A Communal Feel with Nick Payne Nick Payne '25L is from Louisville, Kentucky. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky.

I think my “Aha!” moment was that first visit I took here. I’m from Kentucky, so I kind of did a circuitous route over to Lexington and up to DC to visit a few more schools and home. I visited here first and when I left this school, I knew this was where I wanted to go. I almost tossed the DC plans aside. And the “Aha!” moment stemmed just from the little interactions that built up here. Everyone when they passed one another saying hello, shaking hands, knowing each other by name. It kind of felt resource centric, as opposed to resource hoarding. When I went to different law schools, it seemed like okay, my notes are my notes. My knowledge is my knowledge. And here it seemed a lot more communal, and I think that definitely impacted my decision to come here.