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Why W&L Law: A Community that Cares with Marc Sendra Marc Sendra ‘25L is originally from Orlando, FL and attended the University of Central Florida for his undergraduate degree.

As a prospective student, I really looked for a law school that could provide community, a law school where the environment was not one of cutthroat competition but one of being able to help one another. It’s not about the individual person but about the entire organization as a whole. And that meant a lot coming to W&L. Seeing that this organization fostered those exact ideals is really what drove me to become a student here. One thing that happened to me that really fostered the community that W&L has was the staff and other students were aware that I had family in Fort Myers. And they were hit hard by this recent hurricane. Over the weekend, I got a phone call from the Dean of Student Affairs of W&L Law and it really took me by surprise. I’ve never had any student or administrative staff reach out to me in a matter that’s personal like that. And it showed me that W&L and that sense of community not only relates to academics but also to my personal life and ensuring that I was okay, on a personal and emotional level aside from what I’m dealing with in law school.