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Why W&L Law: Enjoying Law School with Jack Perryman Jack Perryman '25L is from St. Louis, Missouri. He attended Centre College for his undergraduate degree.

What stood out to me about W&L was I loved the idea of being in the Shenandoah Valley for law school. It seemed like an idyllic place to spend an intense three years surrounded by all this beauty. And I’d heard so much positive stuff about the community here. And that was a very inviting prospect for me. The number of either alumni or current students, 3Ls who were expressing regret at having left or having to leave in the future was something that was really interesting to me. A lot of law school alumni I talked to from other law schools all said like, “yeah, it was a great place to be for three years, but I’m glad it’s done.” Maybe not even that positive. Some law alums and current lawyers describe law school as no the means to an end. And obviously, we’re here to get degrees and to move out of Lexington. But I wanted three years in my 20s to be something that I was really going to enjoy and find more than just formative in a professional basis. And everyone I talked to here expressed that that community aspect at was W&L Law was going to make sure that I enjoyed my time here beyond what I was getting out of the classroom.