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W&L Continues to be Active Partner With Lexington and Rockbridge County

Washington and Lee University is pleased to announce the creation of the Community Grants Committee. Established this spring, the purpose of the committee is to create a formal structure for evaluating requests for financial donations and support that come to Washington and Lee from the Lexington/Rockbridge community.

Vice President for Finance and Administration and University Treasurer Steve McAllister observed, “It is unusual for an institution like Washington and Lee to create a formal evaluation process like this. Establishing the Community Grants Committee is a reflection of the University’s ongoing commitment to a partnership with the local community. By establishing this process we will help ensure a closer match between community and University interests.”

President Ken Ruscio added, “The establishment of this program builds upon the mutual partnership between the University and the Lexington and Rockbridge County communities. The University has long recognized that the strengths of the community and the University go hand in hand.”

When asked about the annual budget and expected range of grants, committee chair Jim Farrar said, “The Community Grants Committee will have an annual budget of $50,000. While there is no minimum request amount, we expect the grants to range from $500 to $25,000. Requests above $25,000 will require additional review processes.”

Farrar went on to add, “We have limited funding available through the June 30, the end of the University’s fiscal year. Organizations seeking grants in this quarter should submit proposals no later than June 13, 2008.”

Contact committee chair James D. Farrar Jr. at jdfarrar@wlu.edu or 540-458-8417 to receive the committee’s guidelines for submitting a proposal.