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W&L Donates Parcel of Land to Rockbridge Historical Society

Washington and Lee University has recently donated a parcel of land to the Rockbridge Historical Society. After lengthy negotiations, the 4,090 square foot sliver of land adjacent to Varner Lane was donated to the RHS for its continued use as a picnic area within downtown Lexington.

Leanne Shank, university counsel, was instrumental in the legal processes that preceded this donation. “President Ruscio recognized the significance of the contributions that the Rockbridge Historical Society has made to the community,” said Ms. Shank. “After deliberations with the RHS that were consistent with the current property deed restrictions, President Ruscio and the Board of Trustees were happy to facilitate the donation of this property to the RHS, so that they may continue its use as an attractive green space.”

Located in front of the Lexington Visitor’s Center, the land will be utilized by tourists. “We are pleased to receive this gift from W&L,” said George Warren, director of the RHS. “With only two green spaces within Lexington’s downtown, this land is really appreciated.”