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W&L Law’s Boaz Publishes Article in Tennessee Law Review Prof. Matt Boaz published "Practical Abolition: Universal Representation as an Alternative to Immigration Detention."

mattboazprofile-249x350 W&L Law's Boaz Publishes Article in Tennessee Law ReviewMatt Boaz

Washington and Lee law professor Matt Boaz has published an article in the Tennessee Law Review. The article, “Practical Abolition: Universal Representation as an Alternative to Immigration Detention,” explores the idea that a federally funded universal representation program can serve as a practical first step toward the abolition of immigration detention and the other harsh enforcement mechanisms that are utilized today by appealing to the non-partisan ideal of fiscal efficiency and responsibility.

“It is clear that immigration detention is harmful and inordinately expensive. It separates families, causes psychological and physical harm to parents and their children, and all too frequently results in death and other irreparable harm. Immigration detention causes economic harm to local communities and strains state and federal resources. Universal representation is in itself a way to end the vast majority of immigration detention. It will ensure immigrants attend their hearings, while also ensuring a greater likelihood of success in their cases. Universal representation can help keep families together, lower costs to US taxpayers, and promote a more just and equitable society,” writes Boaz.

The article is available online at the W&L Scholarly Commons.

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