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W&L Law’s Haan on Facebook and Authenticity Slate published a commentary by Sara Haan on Facebook's approach to free speech and authenticity.

haanweb W&L Law's Haan on Facebook and AuthenticitySarah Haan

Slate published a commentary by Washington and Lee law professor Sarah C. Haan on the problems with Facebook’s approach to regulating speech by “focusing on the authenticity of the speaker rather than the content itself.”

“The Russian interference example, which Zuckerberg and his executives have cited again and again, highlights the company’s efforts to justify and normalize what I call ‘authenticity regulation’: Facebook’s evolving set of policies designed to verify that you are who you say you are, by collecting all sorts of identifying information about you and monitoring your online (and offline) behavior.”

Haan goes on to say that “Facebook pushes ‘authenticity’ as a feel-good speech value, but authenticity provides significant business value to Facebook.”

Read the full commentary online.