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W&L Law’s Haan Publishes Article in the Seattle Law Review Professor Sarah Haan published "Women in Shareholder Activism."

sarahhaanhr-573x533 W&L Law's Haan Publishes Article in the Seattle Law ReviewProf. Sarah Haan

Washington and Lee law professor Sarah Haan has published an article in the Seattle University Law Review. The article, “Women in Shareholder Activism,” examines the history of women leaders in corporate governance and shareholder activism and the role of women in the shareholder activism movement.

“That movement typically has involved claims by minority shareholders to corporate power; activists are nearly always on the margins of power, though minority shareholders may, collectively, represent a majority interest. This Article ascribes women’s leadership in shareholder activism to their longstanding position as outsiders to corporate organization. Women’s participation in shaping corporate policy—even from the margins—has provided women with unique opportunities for leadership and challenged stereotypes about the role of women in public life, while also challenging and reforming business practices and policies,” writes Haan.

The article, which was solicited for the Berle XIII Symposium at Seattle Law School, is available online at the Seattle University Law Review website.

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