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W&L Law’s Hasbrouck Publishes Article in Northwestern Law Review Professor Brandon Hasbrouck published "Reimagining Public Safety."

BrandonHasbroucknew W&L Law’s Hasbrouck Publishes Article in Northwestern Law ReviewProf. Brandon Hasbrouck

Washington and Lee law professor Brandon Hasbrouck has published an article in the Northwestern University Law Review. The article, “Reimagining Public Safety,” examines the movement to “abolish the police” and its ultimate goal of creating a society where the entire public is safe.

“Abolition democracy challenges us to envision a society where all people have the respect, education, economic resources, civil rights, and franchise necessary to participate fully in all significant aspects of public life—a society in which we are both safe and free. This challenge to our worldview is further compounded by the prevalence of inequality and a culture of violence in American society. In this Article, I meet that challenge with a groundbreaking look at how such a vision requires us to look at public safety not as a zero-sum game between liberty and security, but as a collaborative promotion of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all,” Hasbrouck writes.

The article is available online at the Northwestern University Law Review website.

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