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W&L Law’s Hasbrouck Publishes Article in the UCLA Law Review Professor Brandon Hasbrouck published "Democratizing Abolition."

hasbrouckbrandon-scaled-800x533 W&L Law's Hasbrouck Publishes Article in the UCLA Law ReviewBrandon Hasbrouck ’11L

Washington and Lee law professor Brandon Hasbrouck has published an article in the UCLA Law Review. The article, “Democratizing Abolition,” examines the shortcomings of past attempts at liberation and proposes strategies informed by their lessons.

“While our classical conception of a liberal republic asks us to strike a balance between liberty and security—as if more of one requires less of the other—an abolition democracy acknowledges that people are not free if they are insecure in their necessities. Reconstructing American society into this life- and democracy-affirming order will come only with great effort and cooperation,” Hasbrouck writes.

The article is available online at the UCLA Law Review Website.

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