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W&L Law’s Laroche Publishes Article in the Boston University Law Review Professor Carla Laroche published "Black Women and Voter Suppression."

CarlaLaroche01-600x400 W&L Law's Laroche Publishes Article in the Boston University Law ReviewCarla Laroche

Washington and Lee law professor Carla Laroche has published an article in the Boston University Law Review. The article, “Black Women and Voter Suppression,” examines how the rising incarceration rate of Black women impacts participation in the electoral process.

“Black women who are eligible to vote do so at consistently high rates during elections in the United States. For thousands of Black women, however, racism, sexism, and criminal convictions intersect to require them to navigate a maze of laws and policies that keep them from voting. With the alarming rate of convictions and incarceration of Black women, criminal law intersects with civil rights to bar their involvement in the electoral process. This voting ban is known as felony disenfranchisement, but it amounts to voter suppression,” Laroche writes.

The article is available online at the Boston University Law Review website.

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