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W&L Law’s Moliterno Publishes New Editions of Casebooks Professor James Moliterno's recent publications include the third edition of "Global Issues in the Legal Profession."

moliternojuse-400x600 W&L Law's Moliterno Publishes New Editions of CasebooksJames E. Moliterno

Washington and Lee law professor James Moliterno has published new editions of a casebook and other works.

First, Moliterno published the third edition of his casebook “Experiencing Civil Procedure” (West Academic). This is the first primary text for a Civil Procedure course to incorporate skills assignments into the book. The book contains the statutes, rules, and edited cases that are the staples of traditional Civil Procedure casebooks. Beyond thoroughly covering the traditional materials, the book actively involves students in the application of civil procedure concepts.

Next, Moliterno’s book with Katerina Lewinbuk, “Global Issues in the Legal Profession” (West Academic), is now out in its third edition. This eBook is designed to facilitate the introduction of modern international, transnational, and comparative law issues into a traditional course on professional responsibility.

Finally, the third edition of Moliterno’s 1991 book, “An Introduction to Law, Law Study, and the Lawyer’s Role” (Carolina Academic Press, with Frederic Lederer), is on press now. This newly updated volume takes a fresh, innovative look at the subject of law and what law study and the practice of law entail. Moliterno and Lederer’s book, which combines a traditional academic viewpoint with elements of law practice and ethics, continues to be widely used in orientation and introductory courses.

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