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W&L Live!

After some months away because of technical problems, Colonnade Cam is back, or so we hope. The live webcam located in Lee Chapel and pointed toward the Colonnade is online again. It’s a full-motion camera, so if anything is happening on the Front Lawn, it’ll be captured on air. (Fair warning!)

There are, however, some issues that we are still trying to resolve, so it’s possible that certain Internet browsers are unable to display the image. So if you have a problem with the Colonnade Cam, please send us feedback on what you are (or are not) able to see and what kind of browser and computer system you’re running.

We have altered the settings for the Colonnade Cam to time the camera out after a period of time. We want folks to get a glimpse of the Colonnade but not to spend all day there and eat up valuable bandwith.

Right now, you’ll see the fence in front of Payne Hall, where renovation work will soon be winding down. Over the course of the summer, you’ll see a construction fence go up in front of Washington Hall as that portion of the Colonnade restoration begins.

The Colonnade Cam is not the only live webcam on the campus. WDBJ7-TV in Roanoke has one of its Weatherbug cams set up on the roof of Reid Hall, pointing toward Wilson Field, the sorority houses and, on a very clear day, House Mountain. You can look at that camera from this link or by going to WDBJ’s weather page and then clicking on “Washington and Lee University.”