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W&L Outcomes: Avery Schiffman ’22 Since graduation, Schiffman has worked as an account executive at Anomaly on the Crown Royal team in SoHo, New York City.

Avery-Schiffman-scaled W&L Outcomes: Avery Schiffman '22Avery Schiffman ’22
  • Post-Grad Plans: Account Executive at Anomaly in New York
  • Industry: Marketing and Advertising
  • Areas of Study: Cognitive and Behavioral Science, German

Q: What have you been doing since graduation?

I am working as an account executive at Anomaly on the Crown Royal team in SoHo, New York City.

Q: How did your career plans evolve over the course of your time at W&L?

When I came to W&L, I was planning on majoring in economics or business. However, I quickly realized it didn’t excite me, so I moved to cognitive and behavioral science (CBSC). I connected with so many alumni that showed me how many options, roles and industries there were coming out of college. I made my decision to major in CBSC sophomore year, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Q: What internships or other summer experiences did you partake in and how did those experiences shape you and your career plans?

COVID-19 made it challenging to have internships, but luckily an alum I had connected with during sophomore year let me jump on a couple of her projects in research strategic planning and consulting. We ended up working together for eight months on several projects. It was an amazing opportunity that allowed me to gain insight into the strategic world of advertising as well as brand consulting, management and strategy. After that I was set because that opportunity opened so many doors for me. I interviewed with many traditional agencies after my junior year and landed an internship in account management at BBDO on the M&M’s and Snickers team – it was incredible!

Q: How did the Office of Career and Professional Development (CPD) support you and which resources did you find most helpful? 

The office supported me immensely. When I was struggling with figuring out my major, I came to the office quite often, trying to navigate my career path and gain exposure to anything and everything. Talking about my interests, background and experiences with a professional definitely helped narrow down my thoughts.

Q: Who or what has inspired you along the way?

Amy Brown ’07 and my experience at Phoenix Brand Strategy inspired me the most. She is such a go getter who is passionate, determined and an amazing person. Her story is incredible, and she truly helped open the advertising door for me. I am so thankful!

Q: Did you connect with alumni during your career development process?

Yes, so many alumni! I am so thankful for every conversation I had with each person. I used Colonnade Connections and LinkedIn so much to help me navigate who I could contact and how our stories aligned. I am truly inspired by how willing and quick alumni are to help your career search and path – they are amazing.

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