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W&L Senior Releases Dance-Beat EP

Closing in on their May 23 graduation from Washington and Lee University, every senior has a portfolio of accomplishments they’ll take along when they leave Lexington. Joe Sussingham, of Lakeland, Fla., may be the only one, however, with a new, four-song EP that’s the subject of a Huffington Post item.

Joe and his duo partner, Bryce Bresnan, who attends Florida’s New College, call themselves Coyote Kisses. “Thundercolor” is their second recording; their first, “Acid Wolfpack,” came out in February 2012.

They met in high school, with Joe on guitar and Bryce on keyboards. They started off as a “lo-fi punk band,” as Bryce told the Huffington Post, and moved on to “electro/synth pop” and then “hard electronic dance music.”

While they’re busy at school in different states, they compose music at night and on the weekends. When they are both home in Florida for breaks, they enjoy “little music binges.”

“We feel like we are about to depart on a journey, so the music has a dreamy, emotional, wide-eyed feel. That’s how we’re feeling right now,” Bryce, speaking for both of them, told the Huffington Post. With graduation nearly here, those words seem apt.

You can read the entire interview here, and you can listen to “Thundercolor” on SoundCloud (login required).