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W&L Law Prof Tim Jost 'One to Watch' on Health Care Implementation

Washington and Lee law professor Tim Jost appears on a recent list put together by congressional newspaper “The Hill” dubbed “10 to watch on ObamaCare rollout.” The paper calls the policy makers and health care professionals included on the list “key players to watch as the law is implemented.”

(Update: Read Prof. Jost’s guest column in The Hill on the current state of the Affordable Care Act.)

Jost has been a frequent commentator in the print and broadcast media since the beginning of the health reform debate and has continued to provide in-depth analysis as implementation efforts and legal challenges have progressed. He has been especially busy the last few days following the announcement that the employer mandate, which requires businesses with more than 50 employees to provide affordable insurance or pay a per-employee penalty, won’t be enforced until 2015.

As the news broke last week, Jost spoke with reporters from outlets across the country, including “The Washington Post” and the “Seattle Times“. While the delay was seen by some as setback for the administration, Jost says that the delay will ultimately make the law easier to implement by accommodating the needs of the business community to adapt to the reporting guidelines.

The Hill describes Jost as a “veteran law professor has become a nationally recognized expert on the ACA in the three years since its passage. His blog posts for the journal Health Affairs are considered must-reads in Washington because of their clarity and up-to-the-minute analysis.”

Jost’s most recent post on Health Affairs digs in deep on the issues surrounding the employer mandate and the reasons for the delay. The post will no doubt join many of Jost’s other writings as the most-read on the site. His past posts on developments with the Affordable Care Act captured three spots on  both the 2012 and 2011 Health Affairs Most-Read List.

An archive of Jost’s Health Affairs posts can be found online here.