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A Day in the Life: Jenna Faude ’16 Day in the Life, Johnson Opportunity Grant Winner, Brand Leadership Intern in Rawle Murdy in Charleston, S.C.

— by on September 5th, 2016

Jenna Faude '16

“To see the brand go from an abstract idea to a concrete image was one of the coolest things.”

My favorite part about getting to the office at 8:30 in the morning is being greeted by Chandler, the official office golden retriever. He runs over and nudges me with his nose, persistent until I give him attention, and it is the best way to start a morning. I also love drinking a cup of coffee, because there’s just something to a good morning routine. The Rawle Murdy office in Charleston, South Carolin, has an open layout, so everyone sits at open desks that face each other and it is bright and airy. I generally begin my day by reading through current events, both in the industry and the country. I think this is really important to do, especially in the advertising and marketing industries, because it gives me a sense of context for each brand or campaign. Also it never hurts to study good work every day.

My position as a brand leadership intern has given me a wide array of experiences throughout the entire firm. The whole brand leadership team functions as the account managers for each client, so they really get to be involved in every step of the process — from creative to media planning to public relations. They also get to speak directly with the clients, so they are constantly the liaison between the company and Rawle Murdy. As an intern, I have been involved in tasks that are heavily research-oriented. I have researched competitors, target markets and potential clients for new business pitches, all of which have taught me a lot about the hospitality, travel and tourism industries.

One of my favorite projects I have been involved in is the branding of a new active adult, age-restricted community in the Southeast, developed by one of the nation’s leading home builders. Over the course of a few weeks, I was able to be involved in the beginning stages of creating a brand identity for the new community. First, the account executives walked me through the positioning strategy they use at Rawle Murdy to help clients launch new brands. I used their information to compile a brand positioning deck that was presented to the client, ultimately forming a comprehensive idea about the community’s future identity. We also worked with the creative team to create a selection of possible logos for the community. I loved seeing the evolution it took, from beginning fonts and images to the creation of a permanent logo (which was just recently approved by the client). To see the brand go from an abstract idea to a concrete image was one of the coolest things, especially when I think about the brand’s impending longevity and the new community which will house hundreds of families for years to come.

Overall, marketing and advertising is such an exciting field because each day changes dramatically. I never knew what to expect when I walked into the office, but I would leave at the end of each day having had a totally different experience than the day before. I know the unpredictability will keep me coming back to this industry for a long time.