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Album No. 2 for Eric Reitz '09

Eric Reitz, a singer-songwriter and a member of the Washington and Lee Class of 2009, has just released his second album. It’s called “Sinister Love,” and you can get it either from Eric’s website as a CD or mp3, Amazon or iTunes.

Eric’s first album, “12 (South),” was released in January 2010.

Last weekend Eric performed songs from the new album in two free concerts at the Renaissance Hotel in New York’s Time Square. He’ll be playing in Kitty Hawk, N.C., later this month, and you can follow his schedule on his Facebook page.

On his website, Eric describes his musical background, which includes “wearily” studying piano but never able to master “The Entertainer.” Years later he started playing his older brother’s acoustic guitar and began developing his own style.

To get a taste of his new album, have a look at the music video for one of the tracks, “City Lights,” below: