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‘An Entrepreneurial Mindset’ Bridget Washington '21 discusses her role as the Connolly Entrepreneurship Society's chair of marketing for the W&L's 8th Annual Entrepreneurship Summit (Sept. 27-28).

Washington_Bridget-233x350 'An Entrepreneurial Mindset'Bridget Washington ’21

Name: Bridget Washington ’21
Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Canton, OH

What is your role in the Connolly Entrepreneurship Society and Entrepreneurship Summit?

I am a member of the Executive Team for CES and the Chair of Marketing for the Entrepreneurship Summit 

Has it been challenging in any way? If so, how?

When I looked at the list of things I needed to accomplish as the Marketing Chair for the Entrepreneurship Summit, I’ll admit that it was a bit daunting. I knew it was going to take a lot of effort to ensure a successful summit so I got started right away. Little by little, I knocked items off my to-do list over the summer. Luckily, my Marketing Committee and the rest of the CES Executive Team have been more than willing to help me out at a moment’s notice. The summit is my favorite event of the academic year and I am happy to have had the opportunity to have such a major role.

How does the project relate to your wider experiences at W&L in terms of student-faculty relationships?

CES has introduced me to my favorite professors on campus. I spend 3+ hours a week with the CES team and have gotten to know the faculty advisors quite well. Professors Shay, Junkunc and Fox have inspired me to pursue unconventional paths and continually teach me the importance of the entrepreneurial mindset. I know that even though they are extremely busy, they wouldn’t hesitate to help me out if I needed it.  

If you were talking to a fellow classmate who has never attended the Entrepreneurship Summit, what would you say to convince them to attend?

I always emphasize the networking opportunities that are available at the summit. The alumni that attend the summit are top-notch individuals from different backgrounds that sit at all levels of the totem pole within their company. Students of all majors can talk to alumni about their journeys and potentially learn about new fields they never knew existed. The summit is one of the most inspirational weekends of the academic year at W&L. There is something for everyone.

Has your work on the summit impacted your future plans in any way?

The summit has given me the opportunity to hold a leadership role for an event that makes a huge impact on our community. Additionally, I have met countless alumni at the Entrepreneurship Summit who have introduced me to industries that I did not know existed. I am really excited to see the opportunities that arise at this year’s summit.

How did W&L prepare you for this experience?

W&L does a great job at teaching students how to network. In order to be a successful student, you have to quickly learn how to give a successful presentation, whether it be a conversation in a discussion-based seminar or a formal presentation. Frankly, public speaking skills are helpful in any setting, not only at the Entrepreneurship Summit.

Don’t miss your chance to attend W&L’s 8th Entrepreneurship Summit, September 27-28, 2019. The full agenda is available on the event’s website, http://wluesummit.comClick here to register.