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Florida Firm Boasts Four W&L Grads

Given the close friendships that develop while people are attending Washington and Lee, it’s unsurprising that four graduates are partners in business. What makes this a bit different, however, is that this quartet graduated from W&L over three decades.

The Silverfield Group, based in Jacksonville, Fla., comprises the Silverfield Development Co. and Silverfield/Cranford Commercial Realty Co.

Gary Silverfield, who started the company in 1989 and serves as president, belongs to the W&L Class of 1969. He holds a B.S. in commerce.

Next comes Jimmy Cranford, Class of 1975, senior vice president of Silverfield/Cranford; he joined the firm in 1996. He also has a B.S. in commerce.

Then there’s Gary’s son, Leed Silverfield, Class of 1999, who came aboard in 2002 and is vice president of both areas. Leed holds a B.S. with special attainments in commerce; he majored in business administration.

And finally there’s Karl Hanson, vice president of Silverfield Development, Class of 1990, who is new to the company. Karl earned a B.A. in economics.

The Silverfield Group describes itself as “a full service real estate firm” with “over 120 years of combined real estate development and brokerage experience in Northeast Florida, and across the Southeast.”

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