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In-Depth Reports

As their capstone course in journalism, four teams of students in Washington and Lee’s In-Depth Reporting class prepared major projects on topics of local significance.The teams spent the four-week spring term reporting on those subjects and creating interactive websites that included video as well as a series of newspaper stories.

You can view the final products on the journalism site. The topics were:

• Black in Lexington: Endurance and Hope in a Vanish Community
The team focused on how Lexington’s black community has shrunk from 30 percent of the city’s population to 10 percent.

• Portrait of Rockbridge: Developing a snapshot of the place we call home
Using the 2010 U.S. Census as a jumping-off point, this series of stories examined what the numbers show.

• Building on the Past for a Bright Future
In an examination of the future of Lexington’s downtown and its architecture, the team focused on the future of the R.E. Lee Hotel.

• Helping Heroes Heal
The VA Medical Center in Salem is the focal point of this series.