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It Snowed!

The two feet of snow that blanketed Lexington and Rockbridge County on the weekend made for treacherous conditions but spectacular photography (and videography). Photographer Kevin Remington was on the W&L campus before the plows and a his shot of Holekamp Hall at the right shows what it looked like Saturday. And Terry Vosbein, professor of music at W&L, posted two videos of the snow, including one of a drive around Lexington once the roads were clear enough to drive safely. Terry, who has just published a new jazz CD, put his videos to his music. The first is Odin’s Dream, which was shot at his home, and the second is Don’t Blame Me, which is the auto tour of Lexington. Have a look at the links below:

Odin’s Dream (Snow in Lexington)

Don’t Blame Me (A Drive Through Lexington)