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Keep Tabs on W&L Twitterers

Are you on Twitter? Two Washington and Lee alumni are currently Tweeting from their respective news desks in Atlanta, and their Tweets are both worth following. Tricia Coughlin Escobedo of the Class of 1995 is a news writer at CNN where she writes mostly about international news. (You can also sample her non-Tweet writing by following CNN. She wrote this piece in advance of President Obama’s visit to Ghana last month, for instance.) Her Twitter feed at triciaCNN is more wide-ranging and has a lot of interesting references about international and national stories. Then there is Charlie Gay of the Class of 1989 who is the Sunday News Editor for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. His Twitter is ajcsundayeditor, and he writes mostly about pieces coming up in the AJC. Earlier we recommended following both Politico’s Mike Allen (Class of 1986) whose Twitter feed is mikeallen and the Wall Street Journal’s Kelly Evans at kelly_evans. But if you’re on Twitter, don’t forget to follow wlunews, whatever you do.

If you know any W&L alumni who would be great profile subjects, tell us about them! Nominate them for a web profile.