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Law School Announces Faculty Fellowships for Teaching, Scholarship, and Service W&L Law Dean Melanie Wilson has announced the annual awards that recognize faculty members for their accomplishments as teachers and scholars and for service to the school.

facultyawards2024 Law School Announces Faculty Fellowships for Teaching, Scholarship, and ServiceFaculty Award Winners

W&L Law Dean Melanie Wilson has announced the annual awards that recognize faculty members for their accomplishments as teachers and scholars. Dean Wilson also announced the award to recognize service to the school.

Scholarship Fellowships

Professor Maureen Edobor and Professor Kish Parella received the Ethan Allen Faculty Fellowship for outstanding scholarship.

In addition to assisting with the Washington and Lee Law Review Symposium on “Voting in a Politically Polarized Era,” and speaking as a part of various scholarly panels, including the DeLaney Center’s Screen to Square series, Professor Edobor wrote a scholarly article that was accepted for publication by the UCLA Law Review. In “The Right to Truth,” she argues for an extension of students’ First Amendment rights to protect against government interference with the historically objective teaching of slavery, the Civil War, racism, and similar topics that cause discomfort to majoritized groups.

Professor Parella was selected this year to join the Executive Council of the American Society of International Law, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, educational membership organization dedicated to foster the study and use of international law. Two of her articles were also featured on The Columbia Law School Blue Sky Blog on Corporations, highlighting her work that connects corporate governance and international law. Professor Parella also fostered scholarly engagement and debate by convening the Institute for Honor Symposium for the second consecutive year. In addition, Professor Parella’s article, “Corporate Governance & International Law” was accepted for publication in the Alabama Law Review, and her article “Enforcing International Law Against Corporations: A Stakeholder Management Approach” was accepted for publication in the Harvard International Law Journal. This summer Parella will present her work at the University of Amsterdam, Copenhagen Business School, University of Chicago Law School, and the University of Oxford.

Kish and Maureen also have multiple research projects in process,” said Wilson. “We are delighted to honor them for their scholarly excellence.”

Teaching Fellowships

Professor Josh Fairfield and Professor Alan Trammell received the John W. Elrod Law Alumni Fellowship for teaching excellence this year. Both Fairfield and Trammell taught large sections of first-year courses as well as popular upper-level courses. Professor Trammell taught Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, and Federal Jurisdiction and Procedure. Professor Fairfield taught Contracts, Sales, and Property.

“Both Alan and Josh garnered tremendous respect and admiration from students, especially for the many hours they spent with the students outside of the classroom, mentoring and advising,” said Wilson.

Experiential Education Fellowship

In 2009, Jessine Monaghan ‘79L, established an endowed fund to support the experiential curriculum of the Law School. The primary objective of the fund is to provide grant support for the development of new experiential courses. More broadly, the fellowship supports innovation and excellence in our experiential curriculum.

Professor Beth Belmont will receive the Monaghan Faculty Fellowship for her experiential teaching excellence this year. She began the year teaching in the two-week, intensive litigation immersion course. She also directed the Community Legal Practice Clinic and taught multiple doctrinal courses, including Evidence, a course critical to those who will become litigators and trial lawyers. Professor Belmont also coached students and judged numerous rounds of mock trial.

“We appreciate also Beth’s leadership as our Director of Experiential Education,” said Wilson. “She has worked collaboratively and energetically with Associate Dean Michelle Drumbl to ensure that every student has an opportunity to fulfill their experiential requirements.”

Law School Service Fellowships

ProfessorMichelle Cosby and Professor Brandon Hasbrouck received the Dean’s Service Award for exceptional and dedicated service to the Law School. This fellowship, created last year, honors engagement and excellence in service to the Law School and the University community more broadly.

“Both Michelle and Brandon have carried heavy service loads and have done so with great effectiveness and an attitude that motivated and encouraged others to join and accomplish even more,” said Wilson.

Professor Cosby chaired the law Educational Planning and Curriculum Committee, which approved a number of new courses and addressed other important academic matters. She also served on the faculty appointments committee for clinical faculty hiring, all while leading the library staff and overseeing library operations.

Professor Hasbrouck chaired the faculty appointments committee for lateral faculty hiring and played an instrumental role in helping attract a number of stellar professors. He also continued to encourage, mentor, advise and support numerous students and recent graduates in their pursuit of judicial clerkship opportunities and other employment goals. Professor Hasbrouck completed his first year as Director of the Frances Lewis Law Center and also continued to serve as one of the advisers to members of the Washington and Lee Law Review.

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