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Lost and Found

Senior Robert Claiborne always believed he would be reunited with the W&L class ring that he lost in the snow between Newcomb Hall and Morris House. It flew off his finger when he returned fire during a brief snowball battle on Feb. 2.

Elizabeth Knapp ‘90, associate dean of the College, happened along when Robert and a couple of friends were sifting through the snow, looking for the ring. She went home and retrieved her kids’ toy metal detector. When she returned, there were about dozen students in the hunt. Even with the metal detector, they had no luck, and Robert began posting a message about his missing ring in Campus Notices. The notice ran for several weeks.

When Robert headed to Florida for Washington Break, he still hadn’t given up hope. Turns out, neither had Dean Knapp. When the grass started peeking through the snow that week, she decided to take another look — and there was the ring in plain sight. She e-mailed Robert with the simple subject line: “Found it!” And ring and owner were reunited on Friday, Feb. 26.

“I was pretty confident that the ring would be found,” Robert wrote in an e-mail. “A few friends told me I should just consider it gone, but I knew the general area where it was lost and thought that it would turn up once the snow melted.  At most schools I guess this wouldn’t really be something to advertise on Campus Notices, but our Honor System creates a stronger sense of trust and community.”

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