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Max Krauss '14 Learns Why “It's Good to Be a Blabbermouth”

Max Krauss, a Washington and Lee junior studying business and marketing, is interning this summer at MKTG INC., an experiential agency, and the AgencySpy website chose Max as the first blogger for their new column, “A Day in the Life of a Summer Intern.”

Max selected as his topic an event his company ran for Nike to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Title IX. Held at Pier 46 in New York City on June 23, it featured training sessions, competitions and athletic pioneers doing a Q&A.

“Throughout the day, hundreds and hundreds of people flowed through the pier, bringing everything from their yoga mats to boxing gloves to participate in the high-intensity workouts all day long,” writes Max. “The event was clearly a planned destination for many, who showed up ready to go in their athletic attire, but also attracted many who were simply out and about on a beautiful New York Saturday and decided to check out the scene. Hey, who could pass up free Nike gear and a chance to try out the newest Nike+ training system?”

He also details three lessons he learned from planning and executing the event: “A Machine’s Got Gears,” “Nothing’s Set in Stone” and “It’s Good to Be a Blabbermouth.” Read his essay here to see what wisdom Max gleaned.

And in case you are wondering what an experiential agency does, MKTG INC. says “we imagine, create, produce and amplify experiences that turn consumers into believers.” It’s got six main offices—in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Los Angeles and London—and 42 field offices around the country.