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Meet a Colleague: Terri Byrnes Terri Byrnes is an Academic Administrative Assistant II with the Law School.

terri-800x533 Meet a Colleague: Terri ByrnesTerri Byrnes

Terri Byrnes is an Academic Administrative Assistant II with the Law School and has worked at W&L Law since September 2017.  Prior to W&L Law, she was the Assistant Director of Engaged Learning at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, PA. There she earned her master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. She’s worked in higher ed for over twenty years and is hoping to retire from W&L (in other words, she’s not planning on going anywhere else)!  She currently resides in the mountains of Vesuvius, VA (Coffeytown) with her partner, Gary, their dog, Louie, and cats, Eddie and LC. Her adult daughter, Sara, resides in Pittsburgh. 

Q. Where is your favorite location on the W&L campus?
I love taking walks on the Woods Creek Trail or VMI trails where I take in the sights of nature. Among other things that I’ve seen – there’s a big ole turtle that swims around the tunnel area in that creek every now and then, and a pileated woodpecker that hangs out near the trees at the VMI trail. I would like to explore other areas on campus to walk, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Q. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working?
I love hanging out by our firepit listening to music and relaxing with my partner and friends. We like to take Louie along for rides to new places; breweries, vineyards, and other destinations to discover. I also enjoy horseback riding with my friend up the road and walking/hiking trails. The summers off are the times to meet up with family and friends across the states.

Q. Book/Podcast/TV Show Recommendation?
I am really bad with mystery novels because I won’t put them down until they are finished, so I’ve been sticking with non-fiction. Right now, I’m reading a couple chapters of “Kitchen Table Wisdom” before bed, as it seems to ground me and keep in mind that everyone has challenges in life. I listen to Mr. Ballen’s podcasts when I am driving from my mom’s place to home, which is about an hour’s drive, and time flies listening to the weird stories and true-crime mysteries. I’m also a “Forensic Files” TV show junkie but have been getting into foreign detective shows like “Astrid” and “Monsieur Spade.”

Q. Who inspires you?
My mom. I know that’s an answer for many people – as it should be! No matter what is going on in her life, my mom always looks on the bright side and tries to help those around her. Life has thrown her many punches and she keeps plugging along.

Q. If you could have coffee or tea with one person, who would it be and why?
Probably my dad – he died when I was nineteen and I would like to let him know how we’ve been doing, and let him know what a great granddaughter he has. I’ve come to understand so much more about him since he has died as well.

Q. What is an accomplishment you are proud of?
I have some one-and-done accomplishments I am proud of. I would say my daughter, Sara, but she has made her own wonderful achievements, and I don’t think I was a big factor in her success. She does fit my one-and-done profile though.

I trained and completed my first and only half-marathon with my sister in California (the Big Sur) while also going to grad school, maintaining a 4.0, and working fulltime. I also served as a moderator for an Engaged Learning Conference at my former university, and I hated/was terrified of public speaking – that was a big accomplishment for me.

Q. Favorite food/restaurant/drink?
Mojitos are a nice treat, but I probably would not like them if I drank them often (and people probably would not like me). I’m still trying to find a favorite restaurant around here. The best restaurant I’ve been to in a long time was a sushi restaurant in Wilmington, NC while on vacation last summer, but I can’t remember the name!

Q. Most used/enjoyable app on your phone?
I would have to say my Calm app. I use it quite often to get to sleep and if I am feeling anxious or just need to relax during the day. We used to get a discount on the premium app with our Plum benefits at W&L.

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