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Meet Pierson Gammage ’24 As head hearing advisor for the Honor System, Gammage helped steward the ‘bedrock of what makes W&L an incredible academic institution.’

Pierson-Gammage-scaled-600x400 Meet Pierson Gammage ’24

Pierson Gammage ’24
Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut
Major: American politics with law, justice and society and education policy minors

Why did you choose to come to W&L?
I chose to come to W&L because I wanted the rigorous academic experience that comes from being a part of a small, communal, liberal arts school. I knew that I had many academic and extracurricular interests, and W&L checked all of those boxes for me. It was through learning about W&L’s traditions like the Honor System, Speaking Tradition or Mock Convention that I knew that I wanted to contribute to this university, which equips students to be arbiters of these value systems and events.

What has been your most impactful experience at W&L, either on or off-campus?
My most impactful experience at Washington and Lee has been stewarding the Honor System through my role as head hearing advisor. The Honor System is not only the bedrock of what makes W&L the incredible academic institution that it is but also a place that produces honorable people who hold themselves and their peers to high levels of personal integrity. As someone who works intimately with the Honor System, I see the ways in which it works and is continually maintained by students. It truly has been a privilege to be able to contribute to a system that I fundamentally believe fosters the trusting and warm culture that W&L emanates.

Have you found a mentor on campus? Who is it, and how have they helped you develop as a student?
There are so many professors for whom I feel personally indebted academically and professionally, but Associate Professor of Politics Brian Alexander stands out as a true mentor. I joke that I major in Professor Alexander as I have taken almost every class that he offers, whether that is Introduction to American Government to his 300-level Thomas Jefferson seminar to Washington Term — I have learned what it means to be an open-minded, well-informed citizen. Not only has Professor Alexander been a meaningful part of my academic career but an even-kneeled sounding board through the post-grad job search process. I am deeply grateful for all the ways Professor Alexander has invested in me and my future.

What are your hobbies/interests? How has W&L helped you develop and pursue them?
I have had the privilege of participating in a multitude of student organizations, which have been significant parts of my student experience. I served as Southeast regional chair for Mock Convention, an Admissions Ambassador, Kathekon member, Faculty Executive Committee member, Hearing Advisor Program head and the S. Cullum Owings Jr. Fellowship. What I have loved about being a student at W&L is that I can pursue all of my interests with all varying commitment levels and in return make meaningful relationships and friends that will extend beyond college.

How have your experiences at W&L prepared you for post-graduate success?
As a junior, I participated in Washington Term, which was an invaluable experience, first and foremost, learning from my classmates with whom I have similar academic and professional interests with but more importantly making lifelong friends. I am hoping to work in D.C. in politics post-graduation, so this experience validated that this career path is the one I hope to pursue. Being able to intern Monday-Thursday and then in class on Fridays being able to discuss the Framers’ intentions on the steps of the Capitol or debating if our system of checks and balances is contemporarily working was truly a dream come true for me.