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More than Two Decades in KD Country

Anyone from Western Pennsylvania or even anyone who has spent some time traveling through Pittsburgh over the last two decades has probably seen and heard a Washington and Lee alumnus who has become a fixture on KDKA-TV, Pittsburgh’s CBS affiliate. Dave Crawley of the Class of 1969 celebrated two decades with the station in April 2008, and he’s still going strong. According to Dave’s bio on KDKA’s Web site, he has taped more than 3,000 stories and has won 10 Emmy awards as “Outstanding Feature Reporter” in Mid-Atlantic states. On his 20th anniversary, both KDKA and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had major feature stories about his career. A history major, Dave has also published several books of children’s poetry. At KDKA, the primary vehicle for Dave’s stories is a segment called “KD Country” for which he’s interviewed visiting celebrities along with local characters. You can watch those segments on the KD Country video library. If you go there, be sure to watch Dave’s 2008 story about “Champ, the Car Honking Dog.” And next time you’re in the Pittsburgh area, tune in.



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