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Say, Isn't That the Colonnade?

More than one Twitter user wondered aloud (or is actually “aloud” when you Tweet?) about a scene from Sunday night’s episode of “The Cleveland Show” on Fox.

During one of the bizarre asides that are routine in the animated series, the scene flashes to a college commencement ceremony in front of a familiar-looking set of buildings. In fact, if the W&L Colonnade, replete with an Old George-like figure on top of the cupola on the center building, is not the model, there’s got to be a double out there somewhere.

And when you consider that Mike Henry, a member of W&L’s Class of 1988, is one of the show’s creators, well, it seems pretty clear.

In fact, Mike was back on the W&L campus just last May, when he talked at the Contact lecture series about the show for which he voices the main character, Cleveland Brown. That appearance is what prompted some careful viewers of “The Cleveland Show” to take to Twitter to ask whether Mike’s “semi-recent” trip back to his alma mater had inspired the college scene from Sunday night.

You be the judge.

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