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Sculpting Business as Usual

Even the still images on the Charlotte Observer Web site make artist Bob Trotman’s latest exhibition seem dramatic and eerie. In person, it must be an incredible exhibition at the Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte. The exhibition, titled Business As Usual, is not unfamiliar to members of the Washington and Lee community. Bob, a member of W&L’s Class of 1969, had the show in display in the Staniar Gallery last May. Now it’s in Charlotte, where it received a strong review in the Observer. Critic Mark Washburn made the connection between the AIG meltdown and Bob’s figures of businessmen and businesswomen appearing to sink in quicksand. Writes Washburn: “They look like figureheads of a clipper ship bound for purgatory. Anguished and agonized, wretched and woe begone, they are souls petrified in eternal torment.” If you’re in Charlotte, you can see the Mint Museum exhibition through November.

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