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Silwal Op-Ed Discusses Resilience of Children In a Roanoke Times piece, Silwal discusses current events and the impact they bear on children.

Shikha-Silwal-600x400 Silwal Op-Ed Discusses Resilience of ChildrenShikha Silwal

In a piece published July 19 in The Roanoke Times, Shikha Silwal, assistant professor of economics at Washington and Lee, discusses recent events where children showed great resilience–and the impact it may have on their future. In the op-ed, Silwal writes: “The dead perish, but our deeds linger. It shows up in the scars the children bear. Their resilience, time and again, is shown to transcend time, space, and culture, yet those are the same factors that are constantly against them.”

Read the full piece here.