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Student Scholarship: Law Review Notes Colloquium

On Friday, February 24, the Washington and Lee Law Review held its annual celebration of student scholarship, the Student Notes Colloquium.

Each year, the Law Review staff writers, as second-year law students, write a legal article on an issue of current interest in the law. The editorial board of the Law Review evaluates the submission, choosing the two most outstanding notes to receive awards the following year. This year’s winners were Daniel Martin ’17L and Leanna Minix ’17L.

Martin was awarded the Roy L. Steinheimer Law Review Award for his note “Dispersing the Cloud: Reaffirming the Right to Destroy in a New Era of Digital Property.” Martin’s article also won second place in the student writing competition held by the Berkeley Journal of Law and Technology. Prof. Aaron Perzanowski of Case Western Reserve University School of Law and Prof. Josh Fairfield of W&L Law provided commentary on Martin’s work.

Minix received the W&L Law Council Law Review Award for her note “Examining Rule 11(b)(1)(N) Error: Guilty Pleas, Appellate Waiver, and Dominguez Benitez.” She then engaged W&L law professors and criminal law experts J.D. King and Jon Shapiro in a discussion of the topic.

More information about the Student Notes Colloquium is available online.