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Test of W&L’s Emergency Notification System to Take Place Dec. 6

Tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 6, we will test our emergency notification system in five ways.

  1. A text message to the cell phone and/or email address of everyone signed up for e2Campus. If you have not already registered your cell phone and/or email, please go to emergency.wlu.edu and click on the e2Campus logo. If you have registered but not verified that registration, please do so now. If you have questions about e2Campus, please contact Dana Camper at dcamper@wlu.edu or 458-4000.
  2. An announcement on the W&L Web site, http://www.wlu.edu.
  3. A broadcast e-mail to all W&L e-mail addresses.
  4. A message to all voice mailboxes in the W&L telephone system.
  5. A message on 462-5277 (GOCLASS), W&L’s weather-notification phone line.

This will be our first test of the system. In order to make the system as efficient as possible, we appreciate everyone’s cooperation during the test, as well as your thoughts afterward. Please send any comments to Dawn Watkins at dwatkins@wlu.edu.

For more information on W&L’s emergency management plan, please see emergency.wlu.edu.