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The College Store Magazine Recognizes W&L Employee as Rising Star

K.C. Schaefer, general merchandise manager in the Washington and Lee University Store at W&L, was named one of 21 brightest and most effective young managers in the collegiate industry by The College Store Magazine, published by the national association of college stores.

After graduation from W&L in 2004, Schaefer was hired as the store’s trade book manager. Since then he’s added both supplies and sundries buyer and then general merchandise manager (2007) to his duties. He is currently charged with coordinating business plans for both textbooks and non-book merchandise.

Schaefer’s knowledge of W&L has helped him in different ways. “As a recent graduate of the University, I am able to connect with the students and understand their points of view-to see what could become a big problem for them,” he said. For instance, he saw how the high prices of various books can affect the students and “.in the past four years, the store has nearly tripled the amount of used books it offers.”

He added, “I wanted to help make the University story a place to go and browse, to meet friends and spend time, or to celebrate your love of and pride for your university. I didn’t want it to be just a place to go buy textbooks. It is so rewarding to be able to contribute to this great place on a daily basis.”

Schaefer is also staff advisor for the University’s CONTACT Committee which brings speakers to campus and is the alumni advisor for Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.