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Vote Early and . . .

— by on May 27th, 2009

Washington and Lee’s Campus Kitchen has made a difference in the Rockbridge County community. Of that, there is no doubt. In 2008, for instance, Campus Kitchen served 13, 444 meals and recovered almost 2,000 lbs of food that would have otherwise gone to waste. Now it’s your turn to make a difference for Campus Kitchen with a few clicks of the mouse. True Hero is a non-profit organization that grants cash awards to student organizations based on votes it receives during the academic year. So your vote could mean as much as $4,000 for the Campus Kitchen program. As of last night, the Campus Kitchen had 728 votes, which was good for sixth place on the list. True Hero gives monetary grants to the top seven college program vote-getters — more votes, more money. The voting runs through June 30. So go to the True Hero page and vote today.